Find the Right Staffing Firm For Your Contract Roles

 hiring a staffing agency


We’ve talked on the blog before about how contract roles are becoming increasingly popular. As a business, we’ve found temporary or temporary-to-hire employees to be particularly common within the manufacturing and production industries.

Chris McKay, a senior recruiter with Job Brokers’ offers some insight, “Companies hit peaks in their business where they need to hire a high volume of skilled workers in a short period of time. Hiring managers will often utilize staffing services to help fill those needs quickly and efficiently. These are the times when an established relationship between a Recruiter and client pays off for both sides.”

With that, what should you as an employer look for when hiring a staffing agency to for contract/contract-to-hire employees?

Industry Experience

Companies that have previously worked in the often fast-paced, high volume staffing world likely have strategies for attack in place. Beyond that, having a network to pool from also increases efficiency. What similar companies has their firm worked with in the past? What was their experience there? What different resources do they enlist when seeking talent?

Level of Customer Service

Not all staffing agencies operate under the same standards. When having initial discussions, ask them questions about their process. What level of candidate screening do they do (In-person interviews in addition to phone screens? Background checks? Drug screening?). Also, how do they generally treat you as a potential client? Have high expectations.

Liz Deem, a Recruiter and Account Manager with Job Brokers, notes, “Persistence, attention to detail and creating a foundation of trust with the client are extremely crucial.”


The way a staffing company presents itself and the work they deliver should closely align. Some companies may promise a lot up front, possibly asking for an initial payment before going to work. This could very likely lead to a beneficial working relationship, but be sure to always ask plenty of questions up front. Make sure you are moving forward with a business you feel aligned with.

Bryan Yochum, a Senior Recruiter with Job Brokers, adds, “Clients know that we value them. We make sure that we understand every hiring manager’s needs and wants for their departments… and we do what we say we’re going to do.”

Their work culture

There are a lot of different staffing agencies out there, and every size doesn’t fit all. What should be considered across the board, however, is their culture. This may seem irrelevant, but a staffing agency that only recruits new grads to make a high volume of placements won’t have the same insight as those with a more mixed tenure of recruiters.

There is always knowledge to be gained with “new blood”, but experienced employees who know the market, the industries they work with, their long-term clients ins and outs and their own company will, by added insight, provide stronger candidates. Try to learn as much you can about a staffing agency’s internal team(s) and their experience working within your particular market.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) expresses a similar sentiment, “There’s a correlation between an agency’s internal attrition rate and performance. Determine the average tenure of recruiters and sales professionals working on your account.”

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