Dress For Success: What To Know About Job Interview Attire

interview attire

Like it or not, the first thing an interviewer is going to notice when greeting you is how you’re dressed (mind the ever-important handshake too). Business-as-usual is growing increasingly casual, but this is not the time to follow suit.  Depending on the role and industry, the level of dress will vary. So with all that there is to consider, what is, in fact, appropriate attire? 

To the best of your ability, assess what the company’s dress code is. Thanks to social media, we can often get an inside glimpse  without stepping foot in the building. When researching the company, check out the employee photos on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. This will provide a good indicator. That said, if you see everyone in t-shirts and jeans, make sure to keep it business casual for the interview.

Meeting with a recruiter initially? The same goes in this situation. They are there to market you as a candidate to the best of their ability, but that doesn’t mean you should go lax on clothing when meeting with them (likewise for Skype/FaceTime meetings).

If the company you’re interviewing for has a business formal environment, you can’t go wrong with a jacket and pants or a professional-looking skirt. 

Interview attire

If the environment is informal, that does not give you a pass to wear jeans and a tee. Khakis, clean sneakers, a nice shirt, and a belt will do the trick!

No matter the dress code, a few things to ensure:

  • Your outfit is clean and pressed
  • Your shoes are in good shape
  • Come prepared with a notepad and paper (while not exactly interview attire, too many people skip this part).

Above all, make sure you feel comfortable. Entrepreneur.com explains, “Style is developed from within. To appear casual and effortless, even in a suit, ensure the fit and fabric of your clothing makes you feel almost as comfortable as when you wear jeans and a T-shirt. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice. Just make sure your clothes are good quality and fit well.”

At the end of the day, the better you look and feel, the more confident you will be. If you are questioning the appropriateness of a piece of clothing, choose a safer bet. You don’t want to be sitting at an interview questioning these kinds of decisions when you should be busy knocking your actual meeting out of the park.