Meet Job Brokers’ Senior Recruiters – Phoenix, AZ

JBIJob Brokers, a Tempe, AZ based recruiting firm, wouldn’t be what it is today without the help and hard work of its Senior Recruiters. They all came to  the company with prior industry experience, and each take their own unique approach to the job.

Senior Recruiters Phoenix Josh RautioJosh Rautio has been with Job Brokers for over seven years, and is approaching 20 years in total as a recruiter. “A family member got me an interview  ‘to practice’ my interviewing skills right out of college,” Josh remembers. “A recruiter quit the same day I interviewed, and the manager asked if I wanted to try being a Recruiting Assistant part time. The rest is history!”.  A few qualities Josh recognizes in a strong recruiter are, “Being a good listener and clear communicator, as well as having a keen sense of timing, patience and the ability to act quickly when the time is right.” Prior to becoming a recruiter, Josh had considered a career in Engineering. The area is still very much of interest to him, and given Job Brokers’ scope of industries he’s able to work on related placements here.

Senior Recruiters Phoenix Bryan Yochum ManufacturingBryan Yochum began his recruiting career in 2007 and joined Job Brokers in 2008.  He has been with the company through various incarnations, and is a point person for advice to newer members on the team. Bryan admits, “Our product is people, and with that, people are complicated, diverse and ever changing. It is extremely challenging to find the right people for the right roles on a daily basis.” Job Brokers works to find candidates that aren’t just a technical fit, but a cultural fit as well, and in the end, the hard work pays off. “We build real partnerships with our clients, and find out what they are truly looking for in potential candidates.” Bryan has grown particularly keen on placing candidates in manufacturing roles, and has strong working knowledge of the field.

Chris McKay Senior Recruiters Phoenix Job Brokers Call CenterJob Brokers’ Texan transplant, Chris McKay, has been with the company for over five years now. Chris is originally from El Paso, and moved to Phoenix in search of better opportunity for his family.  The job search proved to be more challenging than expected, and he decided check out a day labor office for interim work. As luck would have it, the general manager was there that day and asked if he’d be interested in a dispatcher position at one of their offices. “I jumped at the chance,” Chris said, “and the following week I was working full time assigning candidates to day labor jobs, cutting checks and managing accounts. From there I accepted a position with Job Brokers to help staff up a high volume account. I was lucky enough to be able to learn from a group of very talented recruiters and over time I started placing much higher level positions, earning a role as a Senior Recruiter.”  What sets Job Brokers apart from other firms out there, according to Chris? “We are still small enough to provide a very personalized customer service experience.” Chris has gravitated towards call center and customer service roles, and manages that often high volume process. 

Job Brokers’ main goal is to find talent that is going to align with and thrive within your organization. We look forward to introducing some other members of the team in the near future. If you’re challenged with filling particular positions, give us a call (480) 374-7100. We are happy to speak with you to determine how we can best partner with and assist your organization.