Meet Job Brokers’ Newest Recruiters – Phoenix, AZ


A few weeks ago we introduced Job Brokers’ Senior Recruiting team. There are two other recruiters, however, that round out the group, and their stories are a bit unique.  Brittney Thiede and Ryan McKellips, both joined the team as Recruiting Assistants last year. 

Rick Gonzales, Job Brokers’ General Manager, helped spearhead the role. “The business model of staffing is conceptually simple, but difficult to execute. We were having a hard time finding professional recruiters who were willing to adjust their approach to match our processes. And hiring from outside of our industry was not getting us much further. We decided to bring in candidates that we could ‘home grow’ to learn recruiting from the ground up.”

Phoenix RecruitersInitially, Recruiting Assistants start by sourcing resumes online based on the roles that need the most attention. Brittney was Job Brokers’ first Recruiting Assistant, and took the job as an internship during her final year at ASU. She quickly grew antsy with sourcing and asked if she could hit the phones. Soon enough, Brittney was calling on potential candidates and quickly learning our process. After graduation,  she was immediately promoted to full-time Recruiter.

When speaking of our recruiting process Brittney says, “We take the time to get to know and build relationships with our candidates. We meet with them in person and ask deeper questions, rather than just speaking on the phone, checking their qualifications and sending the resume to the client.”

Ryan was the second Recruiting Assistant to join the team. He worked as a soccer coach and a server/bartender, but wanted to find a new career to match his talents. “I grew to enjoy working with and helping people; this naturally lead me to working as a Recruiting Assistant, where I learned the industry.”

In his time with Job Brokers, Ryan has grown from the assistant role to now being a successful recruiter. So what Recruiters Phoenixmakes a strong recruiter, in Ryan’s opinion? “Finding the right balance of what the client wants/needs and a qualified candidate. Sourcing is essential, but then having candidates respond who are interested is another challenge altogether.”

Jon Schneider is the Director of Recruiting and worked alongside Rick to get the Recruiting Assistant program running. “Since its inception, the Recruiter Assistant Program has proven to be a win-win for those interested in a Recruiting career. Our first two RA’s received a solid foundation to build their recruiting career upon. We currently have one RA in the program who is graduating ASU in a couple months, and she is on track to make a similar transition once she graduates.”

Brittney and Ryan have become integral parts of the team. It’s exciting to see our company grow, and the recruiting assistants are a large part of our current and future plans for hiring.