What Do Employees Want? [a Quiz]

What is the main factor in retaining employees? When are employees most willing to relocate? Take this quiz to find the answer to these questions… and more!

percentage of employees

While labor statistics are constantly changing, these are some interesting factoids to see where you as a job hunter, employer, or both compare to the average respondent.

*All statistics are via the American Staffing Association


1.The average hourly pay of a contract worker is:





2. What percentage of contract employees claimed they were satisfied with their staffing agency?:





3. What is the main contributor of employee retention?:


 Work/life balance



4. The most common reason employees decide to switch jobs when working with an outside recruiter is:

 Wage potential

 A more flexible schedule

 Lack of challenge


5. 47% of staffing clients claim they most benefit from:

 Opportunity to gauge a candidate’s fit before hiring

 Access to talent with specialized skills

 Ability to fill positions quickly


6. Unemployed adults say _____ is the biggest obstacle to getting a job:

 Too much competition

 Lack of experience

 Not enough job opportunities


7. What percentage of unemployed are optimistic about finding a new job in the next year:





8. What percentage of employees (contract) were offered a permanent job by their employer?:





9. In the US, there are about how many staffing agencies?:

 1 million




10. As of March 2015, what percentage of employees were on the job hunt?:





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